Our unique natural habitat is a daily reminder of our frontier days on the prairie and our mining heritage. Instead of an amusement park, zoo, or any other big ticket attraction, we have peaceful small towns with welcoming residents, the ease of getting place to place, and a rare blend of art, history, music, recreation and sports.

A resurgence of arts and culture, an influx of entrepreneurship and entertainment, and a long storied history make Crawford County, Kansas ideal for both road trippers and event planners.

It’s the home to the Pittsburg State Gorillas, Kansas Crossing Casino, the Mined Land Wildlife Area, and a retired portion of the Moving Wall, a half-sized replica of the Vietnam Memorial Wall that once traveled the country.

Big city services – Small town charm

A mining boom, being a college town, and an entrepreneurial spirit that once led to bootlegging, provides facilities and services usually found only in larger cities, but with the affordability and hospitality of a small town.

Central location

We’re a day’s drive from Canada, Mexico, or the Appalachian or Rocky Mountain ranges, and less than 3 hours from two international airports – Kansas City & Tulsa, as well as Branson, Fayetteville, Wichita, and Topeka.

Event driven

Numerous small communities, including the home to the Pittsburg State University Gorillas, provide opportunities to cheer at sporting events, celebrate at art, cultural and historical festivals, and enjoy local and international live music & theatre.

Something for everyone

Explore our history. Enjoy various shops & foods. Go kayaking, fishing or hunting. Channel your inner lumberjack. Try your luck at the casino. Cheer on the Gorillas. Or doze out on the lake.

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The Crawford County Convention and Visitors Bureau is your official guide for things to do, where to eat, where to stay, and how to make the most of your trip to Crawford County, Kansas.

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Our Story

Southeast Kansas once looked like the rest of the state with farmsteads and settlements on rolling hills of the prairie. The search for coal changed everything.

Notable Namesakes

Known for their impact on our communities, iconic facilities throughout Crawford County bear the names of these individuals.