Solidarity: Amazon Army Mural

308 N Walnut St
Pittsburg, KS 66762
(620) 231-8110

Located inside the Pittsburg Public Library, this 10’x12′ mural features St. Barbara, the patron saint of coal miners, and a number of the wives, mothers and grandmothers of miners who organized marches on coal mines throughout Southeast Kansas, protesting working conditions.

Called the “Army of Amazons” by the New York Times, their efforts essentially shutdown some of the largest coal fields in the world at the time and even forced the Governor of Kansas to temporarily move his offices to Pittsburg’s historic Hotel Stilwell.

To learn more about the Amazon Army and the women that led them, be sure to visit other Crawford County attractions, including the Miners Hall Museum in Franklin, the Miners Memorial, located at 2nd and Pine in Pittsburg or the Crawford County Historical Museum, just west of Pittsburg on US-69.

This mural was commissioned by the Pittsburg Area Arts and Crafts Association and the Pittsburg Arts Council, and was painted by Wayne Wildcat.

Little Balkans

813 Memorial Dr
Pittsburg, KS 66762
(620) 231-7561

Held Labor Day weekend, the festival pays homage to the region’s diverse immigrant heritage and blends family entertainment, art, crafts, food, music and more.

Because so many of the residents of the area came from the Balkan region of Europe and because the economic and political climates of both regions were so volatile in the early 1900s, the coal fields came to be called the Balkans of Kansas. Although once a pejorative term for the region, Little Balkans of Kansas is now an expression of pride that celebrates the region’s diverse cultural and ethnic heritage and rich history. The establishment of the Little Balkans Festival Association in September 1984 helped to restore the image of the region. The Association’s purpose was to educate the public about the origin and development of the term Little Balkans and to plan and conduct a regional exposition known as the Little Balkans Days Festival. The Festival has been held annually on Labor Day weekend since 1985 to pay homage to the region’s history, ethnic diversity, and community spirit. The premier annual festival in Pittsburg, KS celebrates the community’s culture, heritage and history. Three days of various events, activities, entertainment and vendors.

Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Memorial Trail

1 W Lake Rd
Farlington, KS 66734
(620) 362-3671

This paved 0.25 mile historic self guided interpretive trail is ADA accessible and honors the Civilian Conservation Corps who built the dam at Farlington Lake, and includes a statue of a CCC worker and historical markers.

A state park since 1927, from 1934 to 1939 the Civilian Conservation Corps were on site to build the dam for Farlington Lake. A memorial with the statue of a CCC worker was dedicated in 2005 to honor the efforts of the individuals in the CCC that built the lake.

State park permit required for access.

Arma Centennial Mural

604 East Washington
Arma, KS 66712
(620) 347-4125

The Arma Centennial Mural depicts the rich history of Arma, Kansas. The mural was done by local painter Gary Lofts, who, along with his wife Susan, was the driving force behind the project. Dedicated August 8, 2009, the mural includes a miner, a mule used in the mines, a representation of the Missouri Pacific Railroad that operated in the area, the Mine Recovery Station, the local depot, a church, the local veteran’s memorial, a Model T owned by a local resident, and the school mascot. The piece covers a brick wall dating to 1907 and overlooks the site of the former Arma Hotel, which was demolished in the 1960s.