Solidarity: Amazon Army Mural

308 N Walnut St
Pittsburg, KS 66762
(620) 231-8110

Located inside the Pittsburg Public Library, this 10’x12′ mural features St. Barbara, the patron saint of coal miners, and a number of the wives, mothers and grandmothers of miners who organized marches on coal mines throughout Southeast Kansas, protesting working conditions.

Called the “Army of Amazons” by the New York Times, their efforts essentially shutdown some of the largest coal fields in the world at the time and even forced the Governor of Kansas to temporarily move his offices to Pittsburg’s historic Hotel Stilwell.

To learn more about the Amazon Army and the women that led them, be sure to visit other Crawford County attractions, including the Miners Hall Museum in Franklin, the Miners Memorial, located at 2nd and Pine in Pittsburg or the Crawford County Historical Museum, just west of Pittsburg on US-69.

This mural was commissioned by the Pittsburg Area Arts and Crafts Association and the Pittsburg Arts Council, and was painted by Wayne Wildcat.

Ray's Auto World

121 E 6th St
Pittsburg, KS 66762

Along old Jefferson Highway, this transportation heritage mural shows off vehicles of multiple eras. Includes a quirky element of surprise.

Still in progress, on the left side of the mural is an older car, and the mural is black and white. As you look further to the right, the vehicles get newer, the people are dressed in more modern clothes, and colors will become more vibrant.

Immigrant Park Mural & Children's Sculpture

106 W 2nd St
Pittsburg, KS 66762
(620) 231-8310

Dedicated to the immigrants who settled in Southeast Kansas. Built where the old Frisco Depot and Europe Hotel were located. Mural depicts what the area looked like at the turn of the century. Includes the outdoor Pritchett Pavilion.

Fun Zone Depot Murals

104 N Locust
Pittsburg, KS 66762
(620) 719-8390

Historic building includes decades old 140′ exterior painted sign. Murals inside include coal fired kiddy-sized train & logos honoring local schools.

Since the 1880’s, this building has been repurposed many times. These murals were chosen specifically to honor that heritage.

The kiddy-train is a nod to the building’s early years, when it employed 350 workers and was used as an iron works foundry, then later built rail cars.

For decades, an open floor plan was perfect for a local printer – Pittcraft – whose exterior sign remains on the west, road-side wall and continues to be touched up to look like new.

This small county once had more than 100 schools due to the number of mining camps. The school districts who were consolidated and survived are honored with murals of their school logos.

Father Emil Kapaun Memorial Mural

301A E Cleveland Ave St
Pittsburg, KS 66762
(620) 235-1138

Memorial to a Catholic priest from Kansas who served as a U.S. Army Chaplain during Korean War and was awarded the Medal of Honor; captured while choosing to remain with wounded men rather than escape; spent seven months in prison camp ensuring others survival as he himself fell sick and died as a POW denied medical assistance. A memorial for Father Kapaun is also located at the PSU Veterans Memorial.

Learn more at https://catholicdioceseofwichita.org/father-kapaun/

Downtown Pittsburg Artwalk Mural

501 N Broadway St
Pittsburg, KS 66762

Pittsburg ArtWalk commissioned 6 Artists to complete a mural on the side of the 501 N Broadway building. Each artist had their own space on the wall to complete with the vague theme of “Your Downtown”. As with all art, it is open to interpretation by the viewer and the creator.

ArtWalk obtained a grant from the SEK ArtFest to help complete the 2nd phase of the mural, above the 6 spaces.

Many, many long hours went into the project. Artists even traveled from Omaha, NE to work on their portion.

We hope there is something for everyone in this project. Whether you call it “street art”, “fine art” or “mural” we hope you find joy in the vibrancy it brings to the heart of Downtown Pittsburg, KS

Thank you to the following artists, organizers and Sponsors:

Elizabeth Cosby
Camillia Fearmonti
Jenna Spencer
Bryan Lewandowski
Holly Kranker
Kelci Cooper
Amanda Smardo
Heather L Horton (assisted)

Roger Horton
Heather Horton
John Kutz
Kris Hartley
Kelci Cooper

CDL Electric
TJ Lelands
JS Kutz Rentals & Construction
SEK Art Fest
Pittsburg ArtWalk

Arma Centennial Mural

604 East Washington
Arma, KS 66712
(620) 347-4125

The Arma Centennial Mural depicts the rich history of Arma, Kansas. The mural was done by local painter Gary Lofts, who, along with his wife Susan, was the driving force behind the project. Dedicated August 8, 2009, the mural includes a miner, a mule used in the mines, a representation of the Missouri Pacific Railroad that operated in the area, the Mine Recovery Station, the local depot, a church, the local veteran’s memorial, a Model T owned by a local resident, and the school mascot. The piece covers a brick wall dating to 1907 and overlooks the site of the former Arma Hotel, which was demolished in the 1960s.