Graham's Castle

601 Grandview Heights Terrace
Pittsburg, KS 66762


In Pittsburg, Kansas, the unique architecture of the home at 601 Grandview Heights has captured the imagination of people passing by for generations.

In 1934, it was built on the outskirts of town with no running water, using an unusually shaped concrete roof to pool rain water, and built with recycled brick, concrete & steel – much of which was pulled from area mines – and a windmill with batteries generated and stored electricity.

Outsiders have called it “The Flying Nun House” because of its shape, but locally, it’s more commonly known as “Graham’s Castle”, named for its original owner and designer, Staneart Graham. Local historian Eugene DeGruson bought the home in the 1960’s and it remains in his family, though it was vacant for nearly 20 years. Its current owners occasionally open the home for tours, use as an Escape Room, and other events.

C4 Coffeehouse & Country Store

102 S Ozark
Girard, KS 66743
(620) 724-6100

Saddle up at this one of a kind ranch-themed coffee shop. Saddle bar stools lets you feel like you’re riding a horse while enjoying your hot java. With drink flavors unavailable elsewhere in the Four States, sizes are Calf, Heifer, Cow & Bull. This family hangout spot is also a small country store with favorite lines: Myra Bags, Milk Bottle Co. Candles, Wind & Willow Dips, The Naked Bee Cosmetics & much more.