Crawford County 365 Update: Half a year down

By Crawford County June 29, 2017

June 30th is National Social Media Day. It’s also the halfway point of our year-long Crawford County 365 campaign. Every day this year, we have celebrated the uniqueness of Crawford County’s local businesses and citizens, popular events, our history and heritage, and the outdoors.

Over the past six months, you’ve engaged with us through comments, likes, shares, and feedback on Facebook and Twitter. What’s been your favorite highlights we’ve featured so far? We’re about to find out!

So far in 2017, these have been your favorite four posts:

1) Crawford County pizza poll – January 19

Crawford County loves our pizza, and we aren’t afraid to state our allegiance to our favorite pizzerias! In case you’ve forgotten the results, the top three pizza places were 1) Horton’s Pizza Plus, 2) Gusano’s, 3) Mazzio’s Italian Eatery. Check out the rest of the Top 10 Pizza Places in Crawford County as polled by you.

2) National Bootlegger Day book giveaway – January 17

To celebrate National Bootlegger Day, we gave away five copies of Ken Peak’s book, Kansas Bootleggers. Our lucky winners were five of 43,770 people who saw this post and had a chance to enter the contest. If you missed out and would like to buy a copy of Ken’s book yourself, you can find it on Amazon. We’d recommend anyone interested in Kansas history, especially during the Prohibition years, check out this wonderfully informative book.

3) Kansas Craft Beer Week video – April 25

On April 25, we were lucky to sit down with local beer expert and Eagle Beverage owner Steve Beykirch to talk about craft beers brewed and distributed from Kansas locations. Steve introduced several Kansas breweries and their top brews, including Wichita Brewing Company and Tallgrass Brewing. Over 1,300 viewers have enjoyed this video so far.

4) Palluca’s Meat Market and Deli blog – January 4

Palluca’s in Frontenac is deeply rooted in Crawford County history. Founded by two immigrants – Attilio Pallucca and Enrico Moriconi – as a grocery shop in 1909, the store has evolved side by side with the local area into its current meat market and deli. The blog detailing Palluca’s history and current deli favorites has been seen 1,328 times. If you missed it, you can find the blog and accompanying video here.

What’s next for Crawford County 365?

We will be continuing to highlight the best of the Crawford County area throughout the rest of the year. Look for more content on dining and culinary favorites and shopping attractions, in addition to more local business, resident, and event features throughout the rest of the year.


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