Crawford County Military Memorials

By Crawford County September 10, 2017

Crawford County is honored to be the home of many men and women who have served in the armed forces. We encourage you to recognize our local veterans and actively serving military by visiting one of our local military memorials.

Arma Veterans Memorial – Corner of Washington and 5th Street, Arma

Built shortly after World War II, the Arma Veterans Memorial honors local veterans through the joint support of the City of Arma and the Arma American Legion. The American flag and four flags of the armed forces – Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines – stand in front of the building. The memorial also includes a plaque representing the names of local veterans who have served the United States in war.

Arma also holds an annual V-J Homecoming celebration in recognition of veterans, with concurrently held alumni reunions and outdoor activities for families to enjoy.

Memorial to Kansas Vietnam Veterans – 111 East Forest, Girard

Located in Girard, this memorial includes a granite wall inscribed with the names of all 777 Kansans who lost their lives in Vietnam, a UH-1H Huey Helicopter and flags of the five branches of the military, a POW-MIA flag, Kansas flag and an American Flag.

Girard Veterans Memorial and Big Flag – 144 Highway 47, Girard

Also just outside Girard is the Veterans Memorial and Big Flag located east of the George C. Brown American Legion Post 26. This memorial was dedicated May 4, 1991. It’s large flag proudly marks the location for visitors looking to personally reflect and pay tribute to local veterans.

Pittsburg State University Veterans Memorial – 1909 S Rouse Ave, Pittsburg

The Veterans Memorial on the campus of Pittsburg State University was designed as a park setting to accommodate individual contemplation and provide a setting for educational programs, memorials, and other special events. The memorial includes an entry rampart featuring U.S., state and university flags and the five seals of the uniformed military branches, two entry portals, an arch situated behind the reflecting pool and featuring an eternal flame, and patriotic bronze sculptures. The Vietnam Memorial Wall found at the site is a half-sized replica of the permanent memorial wall in Washington, D.C. More than 1,000 engraved granite pavers pay tribute to veterans and veterans’ organizations. A display of the 50 state flags is featured on the north berm of the memorial.


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