Day Trips

Visitors traveling to Crawford County will discover a calendar full of community fairs, festivals and events. These family friendly events celebrate everything from the history, heritage, art and culture of the Little Balkans region, to Italian food and heritage, the oldest continuous V-J Parade and Celebration in the United States and the Largest Mud Volleyball Tournament held in Kansas. Crawford County features patriotic events, agriculture themed trade shows and exhibits, a plethora of sporting events and community celebrations in every town. Pick a weekend and head to Crawford County, there’s plenty to fill your day!

Mining Tour

Before you begin your Mining Memories Tour, stop into Otto’s Café for a great breakfast. While you’re there be sure to ask someone about the mining history in Southeast Kansas; you’ll get the inside track you’ll need to get the day started.
(Otto’s Café, 711 North Broadway, Pittsburg; (620) 231-6110)From Otto’s take a stroll down Broadway from 7th street to 2nd street to the Miner’s Memorial and Immigrant Park. The Miner’s Memorial features a large bronze statue of an era miner, large black granite monuments and kiosks telling the history of the mining industry in Southeast Kansas.
(Miner’s Memorial and Immigrant Park, Second and Walnut, Pittsburg)The next stop on the Mining Memories Tour takes you to the Miners’ Hall Museum, built on the original site of the United Mine Works Association Union Hall and on the route of the Amazon Army march. This little museum has a big story to tell.
(Miners’ Hall Museum, 701 South Broadway, Franklin; (620) 347-4220)

From the Miners’ Hall Museum head back south down Highway 69 to the Crawford County Historical Museum. Located along the Frontier Scenic Military Byway, the Crawford County Historical Museum features several replicas of the old mining camps, mining operations and a large steam shovel used in the Weir-Pittsburg Coalfield.
(Crawford County Historical Museum, 651 South Highway 69, Pittsburg; (620) 231-1440)

For lunch head back to downtown Pittsburg to the legendary Harry’s Café or to Meadowbrook Mall and the Tex-Mex tastes of Café Del Rio.
(Harry’s Café, 412 N. Broadway, Pittsburg; (620) 232-2125) (Café Del Rio, 202 East Centennial, Pittsburg; (620) 232-5895)

Next, make the biggest memory of all, as you visit the largest electric shovel in the United States, Big Brutus. A great way to end your Mining Memories Tour, Big Brutus rises out of the trees like a prehistoric beast. Sixteen stories tall, 11 million pounds and with a boom is 150 feet long, Big Brutus is a must see in Southeast Kansas. Be sure to bring your fishing pole for a chance to reel in a big bass in one of the craters created by Big Brutus.
(Big Brutus, open year round, 6 miles west of K7 and K102 Junction and ¼ mile south; (620) 827-6177)

To end your day, head back east just 7 miles to the small town of Scammon. There you will find a true Southeast Kansas treasure, Josie’s Ristorante. Favorites include spaghetti, ravioli (especially the fried ravioli), and lasagna, all made from scratch and topped with Josie’s amazing signature sauce.
(Josie’s Ristorante, 400 North Main, Scammon; (620) 479-8202)

Family Tour

The “Little Balkans” are hiding a big secret, the world’s largest, in fact. Okay, Big Brutus is not really a secret, but it is the “World’s Largest Electric Shovel” and it’s Southeast Kansas’ largest tourist attraction. What a great way for your family to start a tour of the area!
(Big Brutus, open year round, 6 miles west of K7 and K102 Junction and ¼ mile south; (620) 827-6177)

From Big Brutus take the family on a short trip down the road one mile on Highway 102 to the small community of Corona to visit the Carona Depot Railroad Museum and Webb Family Museum and Educational Center.
(Carona Depot, 1 ½ miles west of Kansas Highway 7, Scammon; (620) 827-6177)

For lunch take the family north to Pittsburg where you’ll have choices to satisfy every appetite. A Pittsburg favorite is The Mall Deli, perfect for everyone in the family.
(The Mall Deli, 201 East Centennial, Pittsburg; (620) 231-7590)

After lunch take the family to Lincoln Park. Within one block you’ll find amusement rides and games at Kiddieland, miniature golf at Four Oaks, tennis courts, a nine-hole disc golf course and if the weather is right, the Pittsburg Aquatic Center will make for a great time.
(Lincoln Park, 813 Memorial Drive, Pittsburg)

From Lincoln Park a visit to see the Bison Herd on display at the Mined Land Wildlife Area would be a fun and educational stop for the family.
(Mined Land Wildlife Area, 507 E. 560th Ave, Pittsburg; (620) 231-3173)

Continue your nature experience with a trip to Crawford State Park. Spend the afternoon on the 7.5 mile hiking trail, open year-round for free.
(Crawford State Park, No. 1 Lake Road, Farlington; (620)362-3671)

Finally, a trip to Crawford County is not complete without a stop at one of the six fried chicken restaurants. Featured on the Food Network and named one of the “8 Wonders of Kansas Cuisine”, all six restaurants are family-friendly and delicious.
(Chicken Annie’s Original (620)231-9460) (Chicken Mary’s (620) 231-9510) (Pichler’s Chicken Annie’s (620) 232-9260) (Chicken Annie’s Girard (620) 724-4090) (Barto’s Idle Hour (620) 232-9834) (Gebhardt’s Chicken Dinners (620) 764-3451)

Educational Tour

Start the day off in northern Crawford County just west of Arcadia and take a trip back in time to the early days of one room schoolhouse education at the Cato Historic Schoolhouse. The Cato Historical Preservation Association maintains the school and it was placed on the Kansas Register of Historic Places.
(Cato Historical School House, 592 East 725th Ave, Arcadia; (620) 232-6944)

From Cato, travel southwest in Crawford County to visit the latest in education technology at the Southeast Kansas Educational Service Center-Greenbush next to the St. Aloysius National Historic Site. The Greenbush campus is the site for unique learning facilities such as the William L. Abernathy Science Education Center, Mission Space Station, PSU/Greenbush Astrophysical Observatory and Greenbush Archeological Dig and more.
(Kansas Educational Service Center-Greenbush, 947 West 47 Highway, Girard; (620) 724-6281)

For lunch, head back east on Highway 47 to Girard for a quaint dining experience with unique atmosphere at Dalton’s Back 9 Bar and Grill (205 East HWY 47, (620) 724-6000), or enjoy the Hiway Inn (600 West St. John (620) 724-8449) or a taste of the Orient at Lotus Express (126 East Forest, (620) 724-8424).

After lunch, venture back east again down Highway 47 and then south on Highway 69 to Frontenac for a stop at the Frontenac Bakery to watch Frontenac Bread made in person.
(Frontenac Bakery, 211 North Crawford, Frontenac; (620) 231-7980)

After an education in bread baking, the culmination of this educational trip is a stop at the crown jewel of Southeast Kansas continuing education, Pittsburg State University. Featuring an enrollment of over 7,000, PSU features a wide variety of interesting places to visit including the Axe Library, the PSU Veterans Memorial Amphitheater, the Krug Art Gallery and University Art Gallery, the Overman Student Center, the Kansas Technology Center, the new Tyler Research Center and the new Kansas National Guard Training Center and Recreational Center.

(Pittsburg State University, 1701 South Broadway, Pittsburg; (620) 231-7000)

Fishing Tour

The fishing day always begins early in Crawford County. Start the day by casting your line in one of the best kept secrets in all of Kansas, Bone Creek Reservoir. This great lake, on the north end of Crawford County, has been luring fisherman from all over the country for the past two decades.
(Bone Creek Reservoir, County Road 190 North and County Road 690 East, Arma; (620) 362-3022)

Following your morning on the water, be sure to stop by Alber’s Marine, just a few miles south of Bone Creek in Arma, Kansas. Find the supplies and advice you’ll need to continue your fish filled day.
(Alber’s Marine, 403 N. Highway 69, Arma; (620) 347-8853)

For lunch, grab a slice at Horton’s Pizza Plus, just a few blocks south of Alber’s. Their pizza-by-the-slice will save you precious daylight and give you the energy you’ll need for a long day on the water.
(Horton’s Pizza Plus, 101 North West, Arma; (620) 347-8228)

The next stop on your fishing adventure can either take you to the Mined Land Wildlife Areas or Crawford State Park. At the Mined Land Wildlife Areas you’ll find the remnants of the areas mining heritage; scars on the land that have been developed into fishing paradise. At Crawford State Park you’ll experience a one stop fishing spot. The 500-acre park features channel catfish, crappie and striped bass.
(Crawford State Park, No. 1 Lake Road, Farlington; (620)362-3671)

For dinner, head back to Pittsburg for a nightcap and a great meal at The Brickyard Grill or Jim’s Steakhouse. (The Brickyard Grill, 516 N. Broadway, Pittsburg (620) 702-5418) (Jim’s Steakhouse, 1912 North Broadway, Pittsburg (620) 231-5770)

College Age Couple

This potential and often overlooked part of the tourist market will get its start on the Pittsburg State University campus at the University Gallery and Harry Krug Gallery taking in the latest displays and exhibits of work from across the United States.
(Pittsburg State University, 1701 South Broadway, Pittsburg; (620) 235-4305)

From the art gallery, the couple can then enjoy one of the four championship golf courses featured in Crawford County, including the popular Four Oaks Golf Course, the challenging Crestwood Country Club, the quiet Crawford Hills Golf Course in Girard or the very playable Countryside Golf Course while working up an appetite.
(Four Oaks Golf Course, 910 Memorial Drive, Pittsburg; (620) 231-8070) (Crestwood Country Club, 304 West Crestview, Pittsburg; (620-231-6530) (Crawford Hills, 205 East Highway 47, Girard; (620-724-8855) (Countryside Golf Course, 469 East 520th Ave., Pittsburg; (620) 232-3654)

For lunch, Bob’s Grill in downtown Pittsburg will offer a variety of tastes for the young tourists seeking something unique.
(Bob’s Grill, 1014 North Broadway, Pittsburg; (620-232-9738)

The young couple will allow their lunch to settle while touring Downtown Pittsburg. From Trail Head Park at 11th and Broadway to Immigrant Park at 2nd and Broadway, Downtown Pittsburg offers something for everyone. Shop at Jock’s Nitch for your latest Pitt State apparel, visit one of the great antique stores and be sure to visit the Miners’ Memorial for a lesson on Southeast Kansas history.
(Jock’s Nitch, 523 N Broadway, Pittsburg; (620) 231-9410) (Miner’s Memorial and Immigrant Park, Second and Walnut, Pittsburg)

For dinner, the couple can choose from other unique tastes including Napoli’s or Jim’s Steakhouse.
(Napoli’s, 1301 North Broadway, Pittsburg; (620) 232-9494) (Jim’s Steakhouse,1912 North Broadway, Pittsburg; (620) 231-5770)

After dinner, the couple can spend the rest of the evening shopping at Meadowbrook Mall, taking in a movie at the Mall Cinema 8. Or have a nightcap at 505, McCarthy’s Pub or another of the great area nighclubs.
(Meadowbrook Mall/Mall Cinema 8, 202 East Centennial, Pittsburg; (620) 231-9240) (505, 505 North Broadway, Pittsburg; (620-235-0505) (McCarthy’s Pub, 221 East Third Street, Pittsburg; (620) 231-1344)

Salute to Veterans Tour

Begin the day with breakfast at Hiway Inn in Girard and just down the road from the Memorial to Kansas Vietnam Veterans on the Crawford County Courthouse Lawn.
(Hiway Inn, 600 West St. John, Girard; (620) 724-8449)

After breakfast stroll across the street to this unique memorial. Dedicated on April 15, 1995, the Memorial to Kansas Vietnam Veterans.. The memorial includes a granite wall inscribed with the names of all 777 Kansans who lost their lives in Vietnam, a UH-1H Huey Helicopter and flags of the five branches of military, a POW-MIA flag, Kansas flag and an American Flag.
(Memorial to Kansas Vietnam Veterans, 111 East Forest, Girard; (620) 724-6351)

From Girard we head east on highway 47 to the Girard Veterans Memorial and Big Flag. Featuring the second-largest American flag in Southeast Kansas, the Girard Veterans Memorial and Big Flag was dedicated May 4, 1991 and is located east of the George C. Brown American Legion Post 26 outside of Girard. The flag is 30-foot wide by 60-foot long and is suspended on a 130 foot pole.
(Girard Veterans Memorial and Big Flag, 144 East Highway 47, Girard; (620) 724-9285)

After the big flag we continue east on 47 to Arma. There you’ll find the Arma Veterans Memorial. The Arma Veterans Memorial was the vision of the Arma American Legion following World War II. The City of Arma constructed the memorial and was completed shortly after World War II. The names on the memorial represent local veterans who have served our country during war. The memorial includes flags from the five branches of military and the American flag.
(Arma Veterans Memorial, Corner of Washington and 5th Street, Arma)

From Arma head south on Highway 69 to Crawford County’s largest city, Pittsburg. There you are sure to find the right lunch to satisfy any appetite. From delicious comfort food at Harry’s Café to Asian favorites at Kyoto Express, you’ll get a great meal and energy you’ll need for the next stop.
(Harry’s Café, 412 North Broadway, Pittsburg; (620) 232-2125) (Oriental Star, 2711 North Broadway, Pittsburg; (620) 330-9928)

After lunch we head to the last, but certainly not least memorial on the tour, the Pittsburg State University Veterans Memorial Amphitheater. Since it was dedicated on Memorial Day in 2004, over 100,000 visitors have walked through the impressive tribute to all veterans. Sitting on a three-acre site on the southeast part of the PSU campus, the Amphitheater is open 24 hours a day, year round with no admission fee and is ADA accessible.
(Pittsburg State University Veterans Memorial Amphitheater, 1909 South Rouse, Pittsburg; (620) 235-4762)

The “veteran” travel to Pittsburg will almost always make their final trip of the day Meadowbrook Mall and the legendary Mall Deli. A great place to get dinner and reflect on the day’s “Salute to Veterans Tour.”
(Mall Deli, 201 East Centennial, Pittsburg; (620) 231-7590)