Amazon Army Mural

Pittsburg Public Library, 308 North Walnut Street, Pittsburg, KS, United States

The “Army of Amazons,” as they were called by the New York Times, were a group of wives, mothers and grandmothers of miners. This “Army of Amazons” organized marches on coal mines throughout Southeast Kansas, protesting working condition. Their efforts essentially shutdown some of the largest coal fields in the world at the time and even forced the Governor of Kansas to temporarily move his offices to Pittsburg. This event is beautifully captured in the mural by acclaimed artist Wayne Wildcat. The Amazon Army Mural, located at the Pittsburg Public Library, is 10- by 12-foot and was commissioned by the Pittsburg Area Arts and Crafts Association and the Pittsburg Arts Council. The painting features Wildcat’s representation of St. Barbara, the patron saint of coal miners and other women, instrumental in the march.

To learn more about the Amazon Army and the women that led them, be sure to visit other Crawford County attractions, including the Miners Hall Museum in Franklin, the Miners Memorial, located at 2nd and Pine in Pittsburg or the Crawford County Historical Museum, just west of Pittsburg on US-69.


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