McCune Osage Township Library & Museum

509 6th Street, McCune, KS, United States

The McCune Osage Township Library is located in McCune, Kansas. The mission of the McCune Osage Township Library is to provide quality library resources and services for the residents of the community, necessary to fulfill knowledge, education, research, recreation, and informational needs in a way that promotes the quality of life.


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J. M. Scherkenbach says

As I live out of state, can you identify the creek/tributary of the Neosho that runs thru your county & heads up to Girard, please. Would much appreciate it as I need the info for a novel in progress. Tks again! Judi

Valerie Schlader says

I have recently discovered two old photo albums that belonged to my mother who grew up in Monmouth. These albums contain photos of people who lived in Monmouth/McCune from late 1800's to 1946. Most photos are identified. There are photos of McCune schools, students, athletics and activities. Also photos of Depression Era rural life in Monmouth. I'd like to donate the photos if the museum could use the photos for genealogy and historical searches.