William L. Abernathy Science Education Center

947 West 47 Highway Girard, Kansas 66743

The William L. Abernathy Science Education Center is located on the campus of Greenbush located west of Girard. Amenities of the Science Education Center are designed specifically for engaging learners in a way that they’ll never forget. By providing learning experiences and labs that use equipment or materials not accessible in schools, district, or communities, they serve approximately 14,000 learners annually. The Science Center is comprised of several educational facilities including  the PSU-Greenbush Astrophysical Observatory, a simulated rainforest, greenhouse, wind turbine, paleontology dig, and the Greenbush Digital Theater. Each component is designed to allow hands-on learning experiences for students. The laboratories are designed to focus on bioscience and related research due to the impact it has on Kansas economy.


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