Mined Land Public Wildlife Area: Pittsburg

Pittsburg, KS 66762
(620) 231-3173

MLWA Unit #1 (Fishing Lake)
Access via US-160/North County Road just east of US-69 (North of Frontenac)
An easy to access popular fishing & picnicking spot. Five boat ramps. Adjacent to the Bob Grant Bison Herd pen. Area donated by a mining company in 1926. Includes a 1950’s era picnic shelter.

MLWA Units #2, 3 & 4 (Litchfield)
Access via NW, NE & SE corners of S 260th St & E 570th (East of Pittsburg)

MLWA Units 5 & 6 (Quail Farm)
Access via KS-126 just west of 190th St; and, 560th Ave west of 200th St (West of Pittsburg)

MLWA Units 7 & 8 (Whitmore Pits)
Access via S 180th St just south of 540th Ave, both west and east side of road (Southwest of Pittsburg)