National Food Day: A Complete Look at Crawford County’s Best Eats

By Crawford County October 23, 2017

Everybody’s gotta eat. Lucky for us in Crawford County, we’ve got it made with local bars, grills, diners, and restaurants serving up meals like none other. Throughout the year, we’ve featured some of your favorite places to grab anything from breakfast to beer. Today, on National Food Day, we’re tying a bow on Crawford County cuisine with a recap of our previous polls, and a look at Southeast Kansas’ most famous meal – fried chicken. Let’s get started!

Most recently in September, we found the best burgers in Crawford County, nd saw an incredible response from our Facebook followers. Did you try out Walnut’s His and Hers bar and grill? What about other local favorites Bender on 7 or Brickyard Bar and Grill? If you haven’t, grab your family and check out one of these burger joints ASAP.

As polled by you, we also ranked Crawford County’s best “pies:” The top 10 pizza places and the area’s best (dessert) pies. Trust us: A large 15-inch from Horton’s Pizza Plus and a fruit pie from local bakeries Celebrations by Lori or Sweet Designs Cakery is a winning combination (and, we guarantee you’ll get your fill of pie!)

Not forgetting the most important meal of the day, we found the area’s favorite breakfast spots, won by local icon Bob’s Grill. Who needs lunch when you can order a Cowboy smothered in gravy for a Wednesday brunch?

Not only does Crawford County boast some old-fashioned comfort food, we’ve got some of the best Mexican restaurants in the area. We told you to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with these favorites, but we also recommend a trip every now and then for a 99 cent margarita at El Caballo de Oro.

We’ve also featured the local Frontenac Bakery and their famous Italian bread and looked back at the history of Pallucca’s Meat Market and Deli. Not to forget our meat lovers, we also found the best restaurants and meat markets during National Meat Week.

Finally, we’ve given you the complete collection of beers on tap at 5th Street Bar and Grill. Have you found a new favorite among the 39 options?

Before we go, it’s time to feature Southeast Kansas’ signature food: Fried chicken. It’s a loyalty that splits families and friends between Annie’s and Mary’s, Barto’s and Gebhardt’s. And it’s drawn national attention: Travel Channel’s Food Wars attempted to settle the dispute between local icons Chicken Annie’s and Chicken Mary’s, declaring Mary’s the winner (do you agree?) Regardless of your loyalties, the history of each restaurant is rich in flavor and worth checking out.

There you go! Crawford County is the place to be on National Food Day, and we hope you take a visit to your favorite (or maybe find someplace new) to celebrate the day.

Happy eating!


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