Chicken Annie’s of Girard

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498 East K-47, Girard
Established in 1971, Louis and Louella Lipoglav (Louella was the daughter of the original Chicken Annie) purchased the old “Sunflower Tavern and Chicken Dinners” on Highway 47 from Louis’s mother Mary Pistornik. They then opened Chicken Annie’s of Girard. The chicken here is cooked to order so it may take a bit longer, but it comes straight from the fryer.

Chicken Annie’s Original, Pittsburg
1143 East 600th Avenue, Pittsburg
Ann Frances Rehak met Charley Pichler in 1914, and married on April 28, 1917. Charley, a miner, was in a mine accident in March 1933. Severely injured, it was now up to Annie to become the breadwinner of the family. Ann started serving chicken dinners in a small way in 1934. As the demand became greater, Ann took care of the purchasing, cooking, finances, etc., Charlie did some of the food preparation, bartended and ran the register. In 1963, Annie and Charlie decided to retire and let their children take over the operation. A new building in 1972 with increased seating and an enlarged menu was added to better serve the customers. What began in 1934 continues today with Annie’s children and grandchildren.

Chicken Mary’s, Pittsburg

1133 East 600th Avenue, Pittsburg
Joe and Mary Zerngast started Chicken Mary’s in the early 1940s. Joe, a miner by trade, was no longer able to work due to poor health. In order to help support the family, Mary turned to what she knew best, cooking. In the beginning, with Joe’s help, Mary served customers in their home, seating them at the kitchen table. Soon, word spread about the great food and it became impossible to seat everyone in the Zerngast home. Consequently, in 1945, Joe and Mary purchased the Foxtown Mining Camp Pool Hall and moved it to a location just west of the current Chicken Mary’s. In 1961 Joe died but Mary, with the help of her son Zig and his wife Tootie, continued to run the restaurant. The current restaurant was built in 1966 and the staff work hard to ensure the fine heritage the Zerngasts began 60+ years ago.

Gebhardt’s Chicken Dinners

124 North 260th Street, Mulberry
Upon receiving his honorable discharge from the United States Army in 1942, Ted Gebhardt married Maycle and they decided to move back to Ted’s home near Mulberry and run the family farm. Ted and Maycle purchased “The Little Honky Tonk” bar, a small watering hole located next to the farm and operated it until 1946. After that, Ted and Maycle decided a “honky tonk” was not the best atmosphere to raise kids in so they opened the restaurant on Sept. 16, 1946. Maycle’s sister, Tessie Goodman and Ted’s mother Margaret Gephardt, started putting recipes together and through trial and error, they came up with a menu that featured fried chicken. Meg (Ted & Maycle’s daughter and current owner) said it was her Dad’s signature dinner and still is today!

Pichler’s Chicken Annie’s

1271 S 220th St, Pittsburg
Anthony Pichler, the grandson of the original Chicken Annie (Annie Pichler and her husband Charley), married Donna Zerngast, the granddaughter of the original Chicken Mary (Mary Zerngast and her husband Joe). On February 5, 1970 they opened their own restaurant south of Pittsburg near the busy intersection of U.S. Highway 400 and U.S. Highway 69.

The Mall Deli

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201 East Centennial Drive, Pittsburg
Cost effective and serving up your favorite sandwiches, soups, and bagels, along with their signature creamy Italian dressing; this local haunt was so popular they grew from a simple, traditional deli, into a full-service restaurant.