Chicken Annie’s Original, Pittsburg

1143 East 600th Avenue, Pittsburg, KS 66762, United States

Ann Frances Rehak met Charley Pichler in 1914, and married on April 28, 1917. Charley, a miner, was in a mine accident in March 1933. Severely injured, it was now up to Annie to become the breadwinner of the family. Ann started serving chicken dinners in a small way in 1934. As the demand became greater, Ann took care of the purchasing, cooking, finances, etc., Charlie did some of the food preparation, bartended and ran the register. In 1963, Annie and Charlie decided to retire and let their children take over the operation. A new building in 1972 with increased seating and an enlarged menu was added to better serve the customers. What began in 1934 continues today with Annie’s children and grandchildren.


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