Gebhardt’s Chicken Dinners

124 North 260th Street, Mulberry, KS 66756, United States

Upon receiving his honorable discharge from the United States Army in 1942, Ted Gebhardt married Maycle and they decided to move back to Ted’s home near Mulberry and run the family farm. Ted and Maycle purchased “The Little Honky Tonk” bar, a small watering hole located next to the farm and operated it until 1946. After that, Ted and Maycle decided a “honky tonk” was not the best atmosphere to raise kids in so they opened the restaurant on Sept. 16, 1946. Maycle’s sister, Tessie Goodman and Ted’s mother Margaret Gephardt, started putting recipes together and through trial and error, they came up with a menu that featured fried chicken. Meg (Ted & Maycle’s daughter and current owner) said it was her Dad’s signature dinner and still is today!


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