Parks & Nature

Located where the prairie meets the Ozarks, land once mined has been returned to nature, providing unique habitat for a variety of game and outdoor activities.

Opportunities for fishing, hiking, hunting, wildlife photography and more abound in this scenic gateway to Branson in the Northwest Ozarks. Whether you are an experienced outdoors man, a beginner or a hobbyist, you’ll find the outdoor experience you’re looking for in Crawford County.

The Osage Cuestas make up the northwestern portion of Crawford County and feature a rolling grassland, limestone bluffs, and heavily timbered bottom land. The Cherokee Lowlands distinguish the southeastern half of Crawford County with thick brush and timber, and rich coal resources.

The Mined Land Wildlife Areas (15,000 acres) offer grasslands, woodlots and waterways that will stir the senses and bring a tingling rush with each splash of water or flurry and flutter in the shadows and nodding grasses.

Species Checklist

Unusual contrasting natural & man-made environments in a close proximity attracts a diverse range of upland birds, waterfowl, wildlife & outdoor enthusiasts.

Community Parks

Thirty community parks are scattered across Crawford County, and include scenic plazas, ball fields, playgrounds, swimming pools, and miles of trails.

Lakes & Rivers

Crawford County has several man-made lakes, two always intended for recreational purposes, numerous others originally dug for mining but returned to nature.

State Parks & Recreation Areas

More than 50 miles of shoreline greets visitors to State Parks and Recreation Areas in Crawford County, whether they’re hiking, biking, fishing or camping.


Berry and mushroom pickers, hikers, and mountain bikers alike can casually casual prairie trails, or roller coaster like single track through hilly timber.