Sport & Recreation

The outdoor experience you’re looking for: rolling grassland, limestone bluffs, heavily timbered bottom land & steep rocky ranges surrounding man-made lakes.

Boating & Sailing

Beautiful Farlington Lake at Crawford State Park was built for recreation. It is perfect for fishing, water skiing, or just pleasure cruising.

Canoe and Kayak

Fishing by canoe and kayak is growing in popularity, especially as these enthusiasts realize they can explore areas not accessible by motorboat.


A unique cycling adventure on pavement or gravel, explore the Ozark Mountain foothills, flatter open prairie & farmland, or old mining pits returned to nature.


Recreational lakes combine strip pit lakes to provide more than 50 miles of shoreline and, in some areas, clear water has visibility more than 10 feet.


A hunter’s paradise with overlapping habitats for hunting whitetail deer, eastern turkey, quail, dove, rabbits, and waterfowl.


An emotional opening ceremony contrasts with the excitement of competitors showing off their skills in this recreational pastime of the rural way of life.