World Emoji Day – We Can Represent!

By Crawford County July 16, 2017


Emojis — we use them to describe how we feel, demonstrate a thought or add a bit of fun to a text message, social media post or email message. We use them so much, people around the globe are celebrating World Emoji Day on July 17.

In the spirit of the celebration, Crawford County can really get in on this emoji business! From our beginnings as a coal mining region ⚒️, we’ve grown to be communities full of happy ???? residents enthralled in many exciting aspects of life.

Many downtowns offer historic districts with great shopping ???? options and a number of successful businesses ????. There’s something for everyone!

Crawford County is known for its cultural flavor — and, quite literally, its cuisine’s flavors. A wide variety of restaurants offers delicious food options???? and drink choices ????. Along with delectable food offerings, live music ???? and entertainment are often available. Plays ????, concerts ???? and other entertainment are commonplace at the Gene Bicknell Family Center for the Performing Arts and Memorial Auditorium.

With mild weather in each of the four seasons ???? ⛄ ???? ☀️, Crawford County residents and visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors in many ways. For fitness enthusiasts, running/walking trails???? are abundant throughout the communities and at Crawford State Park. Hunting ????, camping ????️, canoeing ????, biking ????, fishing ???? and other wildlife activities are available at several locations, including the Mined Land Wildlife Area.

The Farlington Fish Hatchery offers an up-close-and-personal view of 11 fish breeds that stock the Crawford State Fishing Lake and others in Kansas, helping boost the spirits of area anglers ????️????.

While Crawford County is the home to many forms of businesses and services, it’s also deeply rooted in agricultural and farming foundations. From raising livestock ???????????????????????? to growing crops ????????????????, many of Crawford County’s agribusinesses are family-based and are sole providing occupations for many residents in the area.

The home to Pittsburg State University ????????and many other outstanding educational institutions, football ???? and basketball ???? (among other sports) are immensely popular. From NCAA-sanctioned games to typical Friday Night Lights competitions, Crawford County residents support their home teams.

In closing, Crawford County is a cool ???? place to be!



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